Romans Week 6: Day 4

Read Romans 3:1 - 20 focusing on verses 19 – 20


How does verse 19 further emphasise what Paul has already said?  

How does the law make us more conscious of our sin?


In verse 20 Paul’s concludes that there is no one righteous in God’s sight.  How does this make you feel about yourself?  Your family?  Your friends? 

How do you think western culture approaches the concepts of ‘sin’ and ‘righteousness’?  What makes a person ‘bad’ or ‘good’? 

Paul has killed off any idea that self-salvation might be possible.  How do you find yourself viewing your ‘good deeds’? 

Good works done to save ourselves quickly become selfishly motivated.  But good that is done in light of the knowledge of the love and grace of God is free of constraints of self-salvation.  The believer is freed to do them for God’s glory and in turn, may point others towards God.    


·       Ask God to continue to refine your motives for doing good. 

·       Pray for friends and family that don’t know God and ask God’s spirit will work in them to acknowledge the truth of their unrighteousness.  Pray also that they will accept the free gift of God’s salvation. 


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