Romans Week 6: Day 3

Read: Romans 3:1 - 20 focusing on verses 10 - 18


Paul’s charge against humanity reaches its final crescendo in these verses.  In verses 10 – 18 Paul quotes several Old Testament passages to paint a vivid picture of the effects of sin on humanity. 

Paul again takes aim at his fellow Jews with quotes from the OT.  He wants his readers to remember that even ‘righteous’ Jews of the OT (e.g. Abraham, Moses, David etc.) were declared righteous by God and not because they themselves were morally flawless. 

How does sin affect:

·       Minds?

·       Motives?

·       Will?

·       Bodies?

·       Relationships?

·       Our view of God? 


These verses show how sin can effect the inner most of being of a person. 

Read Genesis 4

Can you see how one sin leads to another? 

In verse 7, God presents a choice to Cain: Either do what is right and be accepted or do what is wrong and sin will rule over.  Sin is described as ‘crouching at your door’, waiting and watching for the chance to strike.  

We all sin but the spirit’s regenerating work should cause a conflict in us and lead us to repentance.  We can also take steps to remove ourselves from tempting situations. 

Are there particular areas that you struggle with?  Do you have accountability or systems in place to help you avoid giving into temptation? 


·      Take some to pray through the Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6:9-13). 

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