Romans Week 6: Day 2

Read: Romans 3:1 - 20 focusing on verses 3 – 9a.


Paul continues to rhetorically box with his readers and asks 4 more questions.   

·       What four questions does Paul ask? 

·       Who do you think he’s asking them to? 

·       If you have time, try and write down Paul’s answers in your own words

Paul makes three things clear in this passage:

1.     God has been, and is still, faithful to his covenant people, even when they come under his judgment (v3-4)

2.     God is intrinsically just therefore the right person to be judging the world (v5 – 6)  

3.     Human unrighteousness does not enhance the righteousness of God and this way of thinking is an affront to God’s glory (v7 – 8)

Paul ends by reframing his question of ‘advantage’ in the context of God’s final judgment and emphatically concludes that there is none for either Jew or Gentile. 

Apply + Pray

We can see from these verses that a distorted perspective of God leads to a distorted life.  The world’s view of God is often sourced from unhelpful places, picking and choosing attributes to be embraced or rejected.  Only a careful reading of God’s word and the revealing work of the Spirit can hone our view of God and render the right response from our hearts. 

Ask God’s spirit to be at work in your heart as you spend some time meditating on Psalm 51.  Reflect on the view of God this psalmist provides.  How should you respond? 

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