Romans Week 6: Day 1

Read: Romans 3:1 - 20 for overview of the section.

In 3:1 – 20 Paul concludes the list of charges against mankind.  We will see that every person needs saving and neither jew nor gentile have any advantage.    


·       Read Romans 3:1 - 20 focusing on verses 1 – 2

·       What gives the Jews their ‘advantage’? 


Paul is concerned that his Jewish readers do not fully understand their place in the kingdom of God.  They had been chosen by God and entrusted with his word so that all peoples on earth would be blessed (Genesis 12:3).  Paul wanted his readers to remember that they should have known and lived better because more had been revealed to them.  The Jews were supposed to live in such a way that the surrounding nations would be pointed to God. 

Christians have an even greater advantage than Paul’s Jewish readers and therefore a similar challenge in how we live.    

Read John 1: 1 - 14

·       What advantage do we have as Christians?

God not only sent his son to dwell amongst us but also to suffer and die for us, providing the ultimate revelation of God’s loving character; that through his son’s life and death we would see him as perfectly just and perfectly merciful. 

·       How might we take this revelation for granted? 

·       How should God’s ultimate revelation in Jesus affect our life? 

·       How do you think those around you view your life? 


·       Ask God to help you live in light of the ‘advantage’ you have as a Christian so that your life will point others to God 

·       Praise God that he is faithful to his people, promising justice and mercy to all 


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