Romans Week 5: Day 1

Read Romans 2:17-29 


In 2:1-16 Pauls makes the point is that no one is exempt from the wrath of God; God does not favour any part of humanity over another.

·      What privileges of the Jewish people does Paul draw attention to in 2:17-29?

o   How might these privileges have led them to a false confidence before God?

·      What specific problem do you think Paul is highlighting in this section?  

Read Genesis 17:1-14 and Exodus 19:1-8; 20:1-18 to see the giving of circumcision and the law.

·      In the covenant in Exodus 19, what is God’s role? What is the role of the Israelites?

Israel were to be God’s treasured possession, and a blessing to the world. Through them, the nations were to glorify God.


Paul is addressing Jews in this section. Do you think this passage only has something to say to people with Jewish heritage? What wider heart issue could Paul be addressing?

·      When has ‘belonging to the right tribe’ caused you to feel pride and superiority as a Christian?


·      Thank God for his kindness to us, that we can be members of his family by grace.

·      Ask God to keep you from spiritual pride or superiority as a result of your Christian status and community 

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