Romans Week 5: Day 4

Read Romans 2:17-29 focusing on verses 28-29.


·      What does Paul include in his definition of what it means to be a ‘true Jew’?

·      How is the work of the Spirit contrasted with the law in these verses?

Circumcision of the heart was not a new concept, read Jeremiah 4:3-4 and Jeremiah 9:25-26 for references to this idea in the Old Testament.

The written code (law) and physical circumcision were powerless to actually bring about transformation of the heart. It’s the Spirit that does this deep, inward renewal, which is only visible to God.


·      Where does your sense of worth come from? Whose approval do you find yourself seeking?

Read Matthew 6:1-8. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus warns listeners about performing acts of righteousness for the approval of people.  Instead he encourages them to do them in a ‘hidden’ (i.e. humble) way, seeking only the approval of God. 

·      Think about your public and private relationship with God. Are there any inconsistencies you need to address?


Praise God for the gift of the Holy Spirit and his work in your life as he transforms your heart and desires

Pray that God would help you to live a life that honours him, not seeking the approval of people but only his glorification.

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