Romans Week 5: Day 3

Read Romans 2:17-29 focusing on verses 25-27.

·      What distinguishes the two types of people described in these verses?

·      Why would verse 27 have been a shock to the Jewish reader? What assumptions does Paul challenge?

·      What is the ultimate sign of covenantal membership according to Paul?


The Jewish person that Paul is describing seems to view their circumcision as a kind of ‘insurance policy’ against the judgement of God.

·      What outward signs might we be tempted to rely on to assume we are exempt from God’s judgement?

o   Consider how we might use baptism, church attendance, Bible reading, leadership roles or other good things as ‘get out of jail free’ cards with God

Read Philippians 3:4b-11 for Paul’s perspective on his own religious credentials.


·      Pray that God would fill you with joy as you live out your faith in Jesus in obedience.

·      Ask God to help you not rely on outward signs for your justification before him, but to rely instead on righteousness found in Jesus. 

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