Romans Week 5: Day 2

Read Romans 2:17-29 focusing on verses 17-24.

One of the great privileges of the Jews (in contrast to the Gentile world of chapter 1) was that they were given the law, a specific revelation of God.

·      What were the Jews supposed to do with the law?

·      How does Paul turn the tables on his readers? What do Paul’s rhetorical questions expose about those he is addressing?

Read Isaiah 52:4-5 and Ezekiel 36:16-22. The Israelites failed to keep their covenant with God and as a result were exiled. Israel were supposed to be a light to the nations but instead the nations blasphemed the name of God.

·      How might the Jewish person described in vv17-24 have caused God’s name to be blasphemed?


Read Matthew 5:14-16.

·      Although are not saved by our good deeds, Jesus teaches that they play an important role in the life of the believer. What’s one reason they are important?

·      Consider how your life could influence people’s view of God. When is it especially hard to be ‘salt and light’ to those around you?


Ask God for the work of the Holy Spirit in your life, particularly in areas where your words and actions may not line up.

Pray for Christian leaders at Providence and more widely, that they would live authentic lives of faith and repentance, not placing their hope in their position or status. 

Providence City