Romans Week 2: Day 4

ReadRomans 1:16-17




 Paul says that he is not ashamed of the gospel, so there must be some threat that he could be. Why might Paul be tempted to feel ashamed of the gospel? How might the Romans have also experienced this temptation?


The gospel may seem weak or unimpressive, why don’t we need to be ashamed of it?


Why do you think Paul points out that the power of the gospel brings salvation to both Jews and Gentiles?




In what situations in your life are you tempted to feel that the message of the gospel is weak? Where does the wisdom of the world seem more attractive than the wisdom of God? How are these verses an encouragement?


What do you Paul means by ‘the righteous will live by faith’? How is this an encouragement when you feel unrighteous before God?




Praise God that his gospel is powerful in saving and preserving those who trust in the name of Jesus.


Thank God that the gospel is for all people, and pray that this knowledge would bring us unity at Providence, and a desire for all people to be included in the kingdom. 

Providence City