Romans Week 2 :Day 1

ReadRomans 1:1




Paul did not establish the church in Rome, and was therefore personally unknown to them. How does he describe himself to the Romans in verse 1?


What do these credentials signal about Paul’s attitude towards Jesus?


Read Acts 9:1-19 for an account of Paul’s conversion, and Galatians 1:11-24 for Paul’s perspective on his apostleship.




As followers of Jesus, what credentials do we share with Paul? What is unique to him?


Do you consider yourself a slave of Christ?


Why would it have been important to the Christians in Rome that Paul was an apostle? Why is it important for us?




Praise God that his gospel was received, preserved and proclaimed by the apostles, and that we have received the gospel in the Word.


Ask God to be at work in you and our church as we consider what it means to be servants of Christ Jesus, that we would lead Christ-honouring lives. 

Providence City