Romans Week 1: Day 1

This is the first week of our new series on Paul’s letter to the Romans. This week we will read through the whole book to see the big picture, before we dive into the details of this beautiful and tightly-argued part of God’s word in the coming months.
We encourage you to prioritise reading 3-4 chapters each day. If you have time, come back to the questions below.

Read: Romans 1-4

Who is Paul writing to? How does he identify himself?

What differences are there between Jews and Gentiles? What is common to all human nature?

How does God’s nature contrast to human nature? What do these chapters reveal about God’s justice and righteousness?

What can you thank God for from these chapters?

What can you ask God for from these chapters?

Pray that, as we study Romans, we might be strengthened in our faith and give glory to God, being fully persuaded that God has power to do what he has promised.

Providence City