The Crown Week 12: Day 3

Read: 2 Samuel 12:1-14


How does David initially respond to Nathan’s parable? How does his response change when he realises its meaning?

Read Psalm 51, a psalm of David in response to being rebuked by the prophet Nathan. How does David address God? How does he talk about his sin? How does he ask God to transform him?

How does God’s response to David compare to David’s response to the rich man of the parable?


Read Matthew 7:3-5. Are there times where you judge the sin of others more harshly than your own? How can you model grace in these situations?

What things do you need to repent of before God, for him to cleanse and renew you?


·         Give thanks that in Jesus we have assurance of God’s grace and mercy to us.

·         Pray through Psalm 51 in your own words

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