The Crown Week 14: Day 4

Read: 1 Sam 2:1-10


Through this series there have been echoes of Hannah’s song, and so we end with the beginning in order to reflect on the entire story.

If you were to place the names of Samuel, David, and Saul in this song, where would their names be? How does this song help us interpret their stories?

Reflect on events such as the stealing of the ark, both the victories and defeats of Israel, and God’s promise of an eternal king. How does this song interpret these events?

Read 2 Sam 22:14, 26-33, 47-51

The end of 2 Samuel 21-24 can be read as an epilogue of the whole story of Samuel. In chapter 24 we explored the realities of the good but flawed kingship of David, and we return to chapter 22 again to complete this overview of the book and be reassured of God’s faithfulness in his promises.

What similarities do you see between Hannah’s song and David’s song?

Why might the last verse of David’s song be so important, considering the history of Israel?

These songs at the beginning and the end of the book cause us to step back from the people and stories in this book to ask the question, what is God doing in all of this? We must remember that God works by raising up weak and unassuming people for his good purposes to prevail over what seemingly impossible circumstances.

Read Revelation 5:5-13

How does this picture describe Jesus?


Our joy and hope is in a King who was humbled by God, not because of his sin but because he was the one truly worthy to be the King of the world. Jesus the lamb who was slain is also the great lion of Judah.   We have the great privilege to know and serve the perfect Messiah.

Reflect on how God has bought victory in Jesus, and the hope and joy of eternal security in his kingdom.


Offer thanksgiving and praise to our great God, using the songs of Hannah and David.

Providence City