The Crown Week 14: Day 3

Read: 2 Sam 24:18-25


David’s primary role in the Old Testament is to rule over the people as King by administering justice and mercy. However, there are also instances when David fulfils the office of prophet and priest. Here we see David perform these latter roles in response to the plague upon Israel.

Why does David build an altar to God?

What is God’s response to David’s sacrifices? What is the outcome for the people of Israel?


Although it is not explained here in the passage, the threshing floor of Araunah is the future location for God’s temple, which is built by David’s son Solomon. Even in the midst of the sinfulness of the whole nation, there is a hint that God’s promises in 2 Samuel 7 will be fulfilled. Solomon will build the physical temple, and better yet the promised eternal king is still in sight.

Read Hebrews 7:23-27

In this passage David, though a deeply flawed king, points toward the true king Jesus who would forever perform the role of priest for his people.

What should our response be when we are feeling condemned in our sin? How does Jesus our true king intercede for us?


Confess your sins to God, and be confident in the sacrifice of Jesus who offered himself as asacrifice for our sins once and for all.

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