The Crown Week 14: Day 2

Read: 2 Sam 24:11-17


God gives David three options as a response to David’s sin. What do these punishments have in common? What is different about them?

Which punishment does David choose, and what reason does he give?

How does David respond to the punishment? What does he acknowledge about himself?

David chooses the option of three days of plague in the land. The famine in the land would force Israel to go to another nation for help, and fleeing from enemies was something David and Israel had faced many times in David’s life. David instead wants to leave all judgement entirely in the hands of God. In line with David’s earnest repentance in the past, he chooses the third option, and his response to this punishment is to be humbled, and admit his error before God. 

Read Hebrews 12:4-11

Read the passage in Hebrews, and reflect on what God’s discipline might look like in our lives as followers of Christ.


Although David takes responsibility for the punishment that besets Israel, we must not forget Gods punishment is linked to the nation’s sin. Though God is merciful and longsuffering with Israel’s sin, he must eventually act in line with his character and in his role as judge over all nations.

Do we take responsibility when our sins impact us and the people around us?

Do we genuinely trust God in his sovereign direction over our lives? In which circumstances have you found it hard to trust that God is good?


Pray for the humility to acknowledge your sin

Thank God for his mercy to sinners in the death of Jesus

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