The Crown Week 14: Day 1

Note that in the last few chapters of 2 Samuel, there is no chronological order and so it is uncertain exactly when this story occurs in the life of David. We read this story in relation to chapters 21-24 as a teaching unit about the realities of David’s kingship.


Read: 2 Sam 24:1-10



Why might God have been angry with Israel?

God is sovereign even when people are wicked. Who is ultimately responsible for David’s sin. God or David? Who does God think is responsible for sin?

What might be wrong with David’s decision for a census of Israel’s fighting men?


Previously in the history of Israel, God had commanded Moses twice to take a census of Israel. The validity of this act is questioned by Joab, and David’s own response is that it was evil.

It is never explicitly explained, but there are two probable reasons for why David’s census was foolish.


1.     God was the only one who had asked for the previous two census counts (Numbers chapters 1 and 26) and it was his right as the owner and God of Israel. David should have only completed a census if God had commanded it.

2.     The census revealed pride in David. Does this reveal that David was no longer trusting in God and his promises, but instead took pride in his own military might?



When do we put our faith in our own strengths and strategies rather than Gods promises? Reflect on the parts of your life that you take pride in and find security. Thank God for the good things he’s given you and ask him to have the right perspective on them.

In the book of Samuel, Joab has been a wise counsellor and friend to David. Do you have wise and godly advisors that can speak into your life?



For humility in our goals and plans for our lives, to submit all things to God.

For the humility to listen to those who give us godly advice and warnings before it is too late.

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