The Crown Week 13: Day 3

Optional: Read 2 Samuel 18:19 - 2 Samuel 20

Read: 2 Samuel 20:1-22


David comes to claim back his kingdom but Sheba, a troublemaker, rebels against his king. Sheba compounds this rebellion by taking Israel and leaving only Judah under David’s control.

How does David deal with this rebellion?

Is all of Israel punished for following Sheba? Why do you think this is?


Read Romans 3:10-13

There is a piece of Sheba’s heart in all of us, a willingness to rebel against our king. But rebellion against God holds the same outcome for people as it did for Sheba.

In what ways do you show rebellion to Jesus’ kingship?

Do you know people who need to hear the gospel and turn from their rebellion?


Thank God that he has salvation for an often rebellious people.

Pray that God would grow you in your love of him and that would become more like his Jesus each day.

Pray that God would give you opportunities to share the gospel with the unbelievers in your life.

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