The Crown Week 13: Day 1

Optional: Read 2 Samuel 13-15

Read: 2 Samuel 14:1-21


Absalom has run from Jerusalem after killing his brother in revenge. David sees his family falling apart with one son dead and another in hiding.Despite this chaotic scene, David’s first thought is still the reconciliation of his family.

Why does the wise woman tell David this story?

The woman suggests that if Absalom dies, the reconciliation David so desperately desires will not occur (v.14).

How does David react to hearing the story?


Relationships, family and friends, are sometimes strained by the things people do and say.

Are there relationships that you need to reconcile?

No one is perfect and we all need to be reconciled to our God. However, we find hope in a God who brings banished people back to himself (v14). 


Thank God that his plan involved you being reconciled to God and able to enter his presence.

Pray that God would strengthen your relationships with love, forgiveness and grace.

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