The Crown Week 11: Day 4

Optional: Read 2 Samuel 8, 10

Read: 2 Samuel 8:15-18, 10:6-19


In chapter 8 David confidently wins his battles against the Philistines, the Moabites, the Arameans, and the Edomites. David received more fame, and dedicates any tribute he receives from the surrounding nations to the Lord. It appears David has surely become the king for Israel that Saul failed to be, and his rule for the moment seems to fulfill Gods promises to Abraham (Gen 12:1-3).

Chapter 10 focuses in on the battle between Israel and the Ammonites. Last weeks’ devotions saw hints of David act in weakness and failure by taking wives and concubines and acting to acquire possessions and strengthen his political control.

What is David’s original desire for his relationship with the Ammonites?What is the response from the Ammonites?

Where is David during the Ammonite attack? Who is leading the army of Israel in this battle?

How should have David acted in the battle against the Ammonites?

King David is noticeably absent in this battle against the Ammonites, despite it being his responsibility to lead Israel into battle (1 Samuel 8).Neither do we see him petition God in this story to win the victory. In it is Joab who leads Israel in the battle and entrusts the victory to God. Are the small failings in the beginning of 2 Samuel pointing towards the fall of David in future chapters?


What can we learn from David’s intention of peace in the beginning of chapter 10? How can we love those who makes life difficult for us?

We must heed the warning in this chapter.Being tempted to trust in Gods gifts to us rather than the one who gives them is a real danger to us. When are we as Christians tempted to leave God out of decisions in our lives?


That our own power and strength and our gifts from God never replace our trust in God’s power and strength.

Thankfulness that we can rest on Jesus’ faithfulness when we fail to be faithful.

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