The Crown Week 11: Day 3

Read: 2 Samuel 9:1-12


Mephibosheth is before David. What might he expect to be the outcome of David summoning him, and why?

From the passage, for what reasons does David show kindness to Mephibosheth? How does David’s kindness reflect God’s kindness?

Read 1 Samuel 19:13-15, 20:42

As Israel’s new king it would have been politically advantageous for him to be rid of all the former monarchs’ descendants to secure his throne. We see instead that David shows the last remaining son of Jonathan mercy and kindness according to his previous covenant with Jonathan.

How does the status of Mephibosheth change through this story? What is Mephibosheth given?

Read Ephesians 2:4-8

Like Mephibosheth, Christians are shown the incomparable kindnesses of God through his Messiah. We as followers of Jesus are given a seat at God’s table with him. It is not from ourselves but the gift of God.


Consider the ways that you can show the loving kindness of God to other people in your life using your time, finances, skills and giftings, and prayers. How could you use these things to point someone toward the Gospel of Jesus?

Who could you share the Gospel with?


Thank God for his loving kindness to us in Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Pray for opportunities to share the loving kindness of God in your life.


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