The Crown Week 11: Day 2

To recap from yesterday, God promises David that:

1.      God will establish David’s house

2.      God will raise up an offspring to succeed him

3.      God will establish the kingdom of his offspring forever

Read: 2 Samuel 7:18-29


Here we see David’s response to God, and here he reflects on how God has saved and established the people of Israel in the past and promises to bless Israel in the future. He now comes before the Lord in the tent of the ark to respond to God in humility.

In 2 Samuel 7 we again see a prayer in response to Gods’ promises.

What does David praise and thank God for?

What does David petition God to do?

In chapter 7 David is never referred to as king by God or himself. What title is David given? What significance does this title have in David’s life? What significance does this title have in the whole story of Gods salvation in the bible?

Read John 17:1-5

How does Jesus pray in response to Gods plan for the salvation of the whole world?


David reflects on times that God has been faithful to Israel. It is beneficial for us to mark events and revelations God has given us in order to look back on in our walk with God. Look back and reflect on the times that God has been faithful in your life.


Today model your prayer on David’s prayer.

Thank God for the graces and undeserved gifts you have in your life.

Praise God for who he is and how he has saved his people in the achievements of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Providence City