The Crown Week 10: Day 4

Optional: Read 2 Samuel 5-6

Read: 2 Samuel 5:6-25

In this chapter we see a significant moment in Israel’s history as Jerusalem is captured and the City of David is established. 


Read Genesis 15:1-21. How do we see fulfilment of God’s covenant with Abraham in 2 Samuel chapter 5

What reason does the narrator give for David’s growing power? How do we see David’s obedience and humility before the Lord in this section? 

Are there any hints of pride and self-sufficiency in David? 


Read 2 Samuel 5:2. God tells David he will be Israel’s shepherd and ruler. In this chapter we see some evidence of David acting in his own political interests (such as taking more wives and concubines), and we see him acquire possessions and power.

Read Mark 10:42-45. Compare the ministry of Jesus with David's. What is significant about Jesus’ rule? 


Praise God for his continual faithfulness toward his people, and for the way his promises have unfolded in this passage

Praise God that in Jesus we have a ruler who came not to be served, but to serve. Pray that God would enable you to have the same attitude as Christ today and this week, as you pursue the interests of those you encounter. 

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