The Crown Week 10: Day 2

Optional: Read 1 Samuel 31 - 2 Samuel 1

Read: 2 Samuel 1:11-27

Saul’s death was predicted in chapter 28 and we now see it play out, along with the death of his sons, including Jonathan. The man who has been hunting David is finally dead. An Amalekite brings David the news and eagerly takes responsibility for Saul’s death. 


How do you think the Amalekite expected David to respond to the news of Saul’s death? How do you think Israel would have expected David to react? 

In what ways did David respond to the news? What does this tell us about David’s view of Saul? What does it tell us about his involvement in the death of his rival? Why might it have been important for the writer of Samuel to emphasise that David was uninvolved in the death of Saul? 

David personally mourned for the deaths of both Saul and Jonathan. His actions against the Amalekite also sent an important message that he was not involved in the downfall of his rival, nor was he rejoicing in it. 


Here we have an opportunity to again reflect on the significance of the friendship between David and Jonathan. How have you been challenged to pursue and deepen friendships in your life?

Are you ever tempted to rejoice in the misfortunes of your enemies? What can we learn from David’s grief over the death of the man who has been hunting him for years?  


Ask that God would enable you to love those in your life who are difficult to love, especially those who may be enemies

Pray for your friendships, that God would help you to pursue and deepen mutually encouraging friendships that point one another to the Lord. 

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