The Crown Week 10: Day 1

Optional: Read 1 Samuel 28-30

Read: 1 Samuel 30:11-31


Following the victory of David and his men over the Amalekites, how do the ‘evil men and troublemakers’ want to divide the plunder? What do you make of their attitude? Do you sympathise with their reaction towards the men too weak to join the fight?

As David responds to these men, we see him begin to act as king, deciding that all will have an equal share in the plunder, instating an ongoing statute and ordinance for Israel from that time on. 

What reason does David give for equally sharing the plunder? To whom does David credit their victory? What impact does that have on his attitude towards what they have acquired?  


Earlier in Samuel when the people asked for a king, Samuel warned them that a king would take from the people. Here we see David being open-handed. Ultimately we see open-handed generosity in the kingship of Jesus, whose ministry revealed he was particularly concerned for the weak, and who went so far as to lay down his own life for us. 

Are there times when you are tempted to look on the weak as David’s men do, with a lack of generosity? How would viewing your resources as David does, help you to be open-handed with what God has given you? 

We are spiritually poor, and come to Christ empty handed. How is the generosity of Jesus a comfort when we consider our own neediness? What sin do you need to bring to the cross? 


Praise God that Jesus never lacks generosity, but has willingly given us all that is his, including his righteousness. Bring before God sin for which you need forgiveness. 

Pray for the physically and spiritually needy in Perth. Ask that God would grant you and others generosity with the resources he has given you. 

Providence City