The Crown: Week 9 Day 4

Optional: Read 1 Samuel 26-27

Read: 1 Samuel 26:1-12


David again shows his reliance and trust on God. Abishai travels to the camp with David and what he says (v. 8) sounds similar to what Saul said in chapter 23:7.

What is David’s response to Abishai declaring God’s will?

God had put all the men into a deep sleep (v. 12) but David does not use this opportunity to take the kingship from God’s anointed.

How does David’s response show his faith in the sovereignty of God?

How do you think David views Saul? 


Killing Saul seems like an obvious move forDavid and would certainly fast track his kingship. However, he refrains and trusts that God will deliver the kingdom to him in his own time.

David knew he would be kingbut he still waited for God to make it happen. What can we learn from David’s patience and trust in God?

Read Philippians 2:5-11

Jesus also didn’t grasp after the kingship and God exalted him to the highest place. What could this attitude of humility look like in your life this week?


Pray that God would give you patience and trust in his plan for for your life.

Pray that you would be an example of humility to those people around you today as Jesus was an example to you.

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