The Crown: Week 9 Day 3

Optional: Read 1 Samuel 25

Read: 1 Samuel 25:2 - 31


Nabal clearly wasn’t up with the latest news as he has never heard of this ‘David’.  Nabal’s first thought is about his own land and menFortunately for him, his intelligent and beautiful wife Nabal moves quickly to defuse the situation. 

How does Abigail react when she hears how Nabal has treated David?  How do you think she views David? 


Nabal values his riches and doesn’t wish to share them with outsiders.

Read Matthew 19:16-30

What does Jesus say we should value in this passage? How should we consider the riches we have living in Australia?

Are there things you value over Jesus and the salvation he provides?


Pray that God would renew the wonder of the salvation that He has given you through His Son Jesus.

Pray that God would give you wisdom in how you use the riches that he has given you.

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