The Crown: Week 9 Day 2

Optional: Read 1 Samuel 23-24

Read: 1 Samuel 23:1-13


David and Saul are held in a stark contrast in this passage. David the future king of Israel asks God multiple times what he should do.

What does this show about David’s character?

On theother hand, Saul proclaims that God has delivered David into his hands (v. 7)

What is evident in Saul’s character and how he relates to God?


David and Saul view and approach God very differently. David humbles himself and makes sure that he knows and submits to God multiple times.

Saul hastily proclaims that God has delivered David to him when it’s actually just his own desire.

We are in a much better place to ascertain the will of God than David and Saul.  God has provided his word so that we have clear parameters for our life and his Spirit, which convicts and encourages. 

Ask God to convict and encourage you as you read his word today. 


Thank God that his sovereign will is present in the world and everything that happens is within His control.

Thank God that he has revealed his will for your life through scripture and that he allows you to make many decisions using the wisdom he provides. 

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