The Crown Week 7: Day 2

Read: 1 Samuel 17:12-31


What picture of David is painted in verses 12-24? How is David contrasted with Goliath? 

David overhears Goliath’s challenge to the Israelites. How does his response compare to the reaction of the Israelites? 


There is a repetition of the idea of defiance in this section. David sees Goliath’s challenge to be not just against the nation of Israel, but as defying the living God and his armies. David sees this as a spiritual battle, not just a physical one. 

Reflect on threats to the church or Christianity in the public square. Where is the culture ultimately defying God himself? Where do you find it difficult to trust that God is at work? 

Read 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5

God uses the weak things of this word to shame the strong. How is this pattern in the way God works a comfort?


Praise God that he does not see the world as we see it. Thank God that he uses weak things to shame the strong. Pray that this would lead us to trust in him and his power.


Providence City