The Crown Week 7: Day 1

Read: 1 Samuel 17:1-11


How is Goliath is described in this section? How do you think the writer wants the reader to imagine him? 

What does the reaction of Saul and the Israelites in verse 11 reveal about where they’re placing their trust? Does Saul’s reaction (as Israel’s king) surprise you? 


Saul and the Israelites look at their dire situationthrough a purely human lens, and respond with dismay and terror. Humanly speaking, they do not have a warrior as impressive as Goliath;they have no one to defeat him in battle.

Are there situations in your own life, or that you see in the world around you where you feel threatened or defeated? Are you looking at them from just a human perspective or considering God’s role in their outcomes? 


Ask for God’s powerful hand in situations in your own life where you feel defeated or threatened by sin or other difficulties. 

Pray that God would allow his kingdom to grow despite adversity, persecution and hardness of heart. Pray that the gospel would bear fruit in people and places that humanly speaking, seem impossible. 

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