The Crown Week 7: Day 3

Read: 1 Samuel 17:32-40


David offers to go and fight Goliath. On what grounds does Saul initially object?

What is the basis of David’s confidence in going into battle against Goliath?

Despite Saul being the seasoned warrior, it’s David who is willing to fight Goliath. How is David contrasted with Saul in this section? Does this fit with what we already know about Saul?


David appeals to his experience as a shepherd protecting his sheep and likens Goliath to a predator threatening the flock (i.e. Israel).

Read John 10:11-18

Jesus is the ultimate good shepherd who protects the flock by laying down his own life. Which humanly-secure things are you tempted to put your trust in rather than Jesus (e.g. wealth, job security, relationships etc)?


Praise God that Jesus is the good shepherd who lay down his life for the flock.

Ask God to help you trust in his power and authority rather than yourself or other worldly powers.

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