The Cross: Week 6: Day 1

Read: Luke 23:44-46


At Jesus' crucifixion, "darkness came over the whole land" (v.44) and it seems that evil has triumphed. However the curtain of the temple is then torn in two. Read Exodus 26:33. What does the tearing of the temple curtain represent?

Read Psalm 31:1-5. What does Jesus' use of this psalm reveal about his attitude on the cross?


In dying for our sins Jesus has torn the curtain that separated us from God in two. This means we can approach God with freedom and confidence in prayer and petition. 

How can you remind yourself of this truth this week?


  • Praise God that he has defeated the power of sin and death on the cross and that we can be in relationship with him.
  • Thanks God for the freedom and gift of prayer and ask him to help you develop it in your own life
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