The Crown Week 6: Day 4

Read: 1 Samuel 16:14-23

The contrast between the newly anointed David and the tormented Saul is stark. Instead of fulfilling the role of Gods’ anointed, His Spirit departs from Saul and is replaced by an evil spirit. For this reason, David is introduced to Saul. David is well known for his psalms and songs to God. The one who is now able to comfort Saul during his dark moments is ironically the one on whom Gods’
favour now rests.


What are the contrasts between David and Saul in relation to God?

In verse 18 how does Saul’s servant describe David?

How does Saul respond to David? How does their relationship initially begin?

Saul’s servants chose David not only for his skill as a musician, but because the Lord was with him. The reader is pointed back to God’s’ work in David, described in verse 18.

Saul is the first of a greater list of people who form deeply significant relationships with David, and it is in their comradery we first see the kingly qualities of David. Sadly, their bond goes downhill in the next few chapters, as the crown turns Saul into the bitter enemy of David.



Reflect on the gifts God has given you. How can you point people to God’s goodness through them?



For the kind of Christian qualities that will bring honour to God

That people would be pointed to God through the work of the Spirit in his people

Jon Rumble