The Cross Week 7: Day 4

Read: Acts 13:13-41


Although Paul is speaking to both Jewish and Gentile converts in a synagogue, his message is the same: Jesus came to earth, died and was raised again.

What have we received through Jesus’ death? (vv. 38-39)

How is this different to the Law of Moses?


As believers we have received the forgiveness of our sins through the cross.

How does this change how you live your life?

Jesus’ death means our relationship with God is no longer dependent on being justified by a legal code (i.e. the Law of Moses).

Read Romans 5:20–21

Do you still find yourself trying to find a legal way to God?

What perspective does Jesus’ death on the cross give to your ‘good deeds’? 

How does this perspective also shape your view of other people’s sin?  


·         Thank God that he has given us Jesus our Saviour from sin and death.

·         Pray that God would help you to grow in your love of him and view people as he does

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