The Cross Week 7: Day 3

Read: Acts 2:14-39


The Holy Spirit has come upon the disciples and they have begun to preach Jesus and his wondrous deeds. Peter tells the whole crowd the story of Jesus and how it was prophesied that he would die and be raised.

What does Peter call the crowd to do?

Read John 16:1-15

The Holy Spirit is given as a gift to all who believe. What is the Spirit’s purpose in people’ lives?


Jesus’ death was a one-off event that has saved repenting believers from theirpast, present and future sin. However, repentance is not a one time act but a continual attitude as we recognise our need for God’s grace and mercy. Are there things in your life that you need to repent of?

The Holy Spirit has been sent to reveal Jesus to us and help us carry out God’s work in this world.  What does ‘God’s work’ look like for you this week?  Ask for God’s help in carrying it out. 


·         Thank God that he has sent the Holy Spirit as a guide and that we don’t have to rely only on ourselves to follow Jesus.

·         Ask forgiveness for those sins from which you have not yet repented. Pray that God would give you strength and courage to overcome them.

·         Ask for opportunities this week to do God’s work and pray that the Spirit would guide you in this.


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