The Cross Week 7: Day 2

Read:Luke 24:36-49


The disciples have just heard about Jesus appearing on the road to Emmaus when Jesus appears among them.

What does their reaction (v. 37) tell you about what they believe about Jesus?

Jesusreminds them that the Law, the Prophets and the Psalms all point to him as their redeemer.

What was the purpose of Jesus’ life and work here on earth? (vv.46-47)


We will all have times where we doubt Jesus. These doubts can be an opportunity for a deeper understanding of who Jesus is as long as we go searching for answers in the right place. If we want to know how Jesus will help ease our fears, we have no better place to look than our bibles. 

Read Acts 14:15-17

How has Jesus provided his testimony to the world? How can this help ease our doubts and fears?


·         Thank God for giving us his word and the goodness he provides for us in the world.

·         Pray that God would help you to trust him in all situations in life knowing that he knows what is best for you.

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