The Cross Week 7: Day 1

Read: Luke 24:13-35


This passage describes two men walking along a road leading to a place called Emmaus.  The men seemed troubled as they discussed recent events,   particularly Jesus’ crucifixion and the disappearance of his body.

The two men were hoping Jesus would redeem Israel (v. 21). How do you think they were expecting this to happen?

Jesus rebukes the men and points them to scripture, showing how it climaxes in his death and resurrection.


The two men had an earthly, temporal view of redemption, where Israel would be freed from slavery to Rome. Jesus adjusts the men’s perspective by showing that he is their spiritual, eternal redeemer, freeing them from slavery to sin.  The men’s sadness turns to joy and awe.  

Can you remember the first time you heard about Jesus?  What was going on in your life at the time?  What difference did it make? 

 Are there people around you that need to hear about who Jesus really is?  Which scriptures would you point them to?   


·         Thank God for providing us with the salvation that we don’t deserve and for writing it down for us to read.

·         Pray that God would give you open ears and an open heart to listen to him and live your life in a way that glorifies him.

Providence City