Week 7: Day 1

Read: Luke 22:1-6


Which groups or people are plotting to get rid of Jesus? Why do each of them want him gone?

Luke opens this passage by telling us that Passover is approaching. Read Exodus 12:21-27. What did Passover involve and why was it significant to the Jews?

How does knowing that Passover is approaching (v1) impact how we interpret the plots to get rid of Jesus (v2-6)?


While Satan is behind Judas and the chief priests' plot to get rid of Jesus, God ultimately uses both their timing and their actions in his plan to rescue people from sin through the sacrifice of Jesus.

Read Romans 8:28. Reflect on what it means for God to be working in all things to accomplish his good purpose for you.


•     Thank God for the way that he has worked through history to bring about your salvation through Jesus' death on the cross

•     Pray that you would trust God in all situations

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