The Cross Week 5: Day 4

Read: Luke 23:39-43


Compare the attitudes of the the two criminals as they interact with Jesus. What do they reveal about their hearts?

How are the words of the second criminal both a plea and a confession? 

What promise does Jesus give to the second criminal? 


This paragraph, uniquely recorded by Luke, outlines two experiences of death: with or without Jesus. What difference in hope do these two criminal have as they face death? 

The contrast between the two criminals is in their attitude towards God, rather than a difference in how they lived their life or how good they were. What does Jesus’ response to the second criminal reveal about grace and forgiveness? 


·         Pray for humility before God and an awareness of unworthiness before him

·        Praise God that like the second criminal, we are accepted by God on the basis of grace, not according the merit of our lives. 

Providence City