The Cross Week 5: Day 2

Read Luke 23:32-34


In this paragraph Luke records the crucifixion of Jesus. What details are we given? Are there details you expected to see that aren’t there? 

Luke records Jesus being crucified between two criminals. What effect would that have on onlookers? 

Read Isaiah 53:12. How do the circumstances of Jesus’ death and his prayer fulfil what was written in Isaiah?


 Jesus prays that those who crucified him would be forgiven, while his death provided the very basis on which forgiveness could be possible. In what areas of your life do you find difficult to submit to Jesus as Lord? How how does this prayer convictand encourage you? 


·         Praise God that Jesus loved his enemies, and demonstrated this on the cross as he died for those who rejected him. Pray for forgiveness in areas of your life where you are struggling to submit to Jesus as Lord. 

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