The Cross Week 5: Day 1

Read Luke 23:26-31


Luke records a large number of people following Jesus, including women. Why were they grieving? 

Look up Hosea 10:8 and Revelation 6:16. How does Jesus redirect the grief of the ‘Daughters of Jerusalem?’ What warning is he giving them? 


Jesus’ language aboutchildlessness being preferable to having children on the day of judgement is part of an emotive warning to Jerusalem that death will be preferable to the wrath of God. Are you ever tempted to feel sympathy for Jesus in his death, rather than repentance? 

When can our immediate circumstances seem more pressing or consequential than the reality of judgement? 


·         Pray for those in our city who have not repented and who do not acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus. Ask that God would have mercy on them and that they may escape the pending judgement. 

Providence City