Week 9: Day 4

Read: Luke 23:13-25


Pilate attempts to use a Passover custom to release Jesus without upsetting the Jewish leaders(Matt 27:15).  However, this back fires when the crowd turns against him. Three times the crowd reject the release of Jesus and ask for the release of the murderer and insurrectionist, Barabbas. Compare and contrast the accusations against Barabbas and Jesus. How would you describe this turn of events? 

Pilate had already created trouble for himself by desecrating Jewish holy sites and causing riots.  Pilate is giving the people what they want to prevent further social unrest. The innocent Jesus is delivered over to be crucified on the day of Passover, whilst the murderer Barabbas is spared. How does this exchange of prisoners point to what Jesus achieved on the cross for all of humanity? How does God use the evil actions of humansfor his own good ends?

Read Exodus 12:1-13

Jesus Christ died on the day of Passover, because he is the true Passover lamb. Jesus’ blood was shed so that those who trust him would not face God’s judgement. Meditate on how the Passover in Exodus 12 points toward the death of Jesus.


God uses events intended for evil to accomplish good, the ultimate example being in the death of Jesus (Acts 2:22-24). How has God worked through difficult situations in your life for good purposes?


·         Thank God for saving us from the punishment we deserve by sending Jesus in our place.

·         For God to continue to work in spite ofevil to bring about his great and good purposes in Christ

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