Week 9: Day 3

Read: Luke 23:1-12


When the assembly took Jesus to Pilate, their accusation changed to fit their desired outcome. They laid a political charge, instead of a religious charge against Jesus.Compare his Roman trial with his Jewish trial (see Luke 22:66-71). 

The Jews attempt to have Jesus arrested for insurrection against Caesar. He is examined by Pilate and the provincial governor,King Herod. Herod hopes for Jesus to perform a miraclefor him but Jesus remains silent. What are the motives of King Herod in the passage?

Despite the attempt to have him found guilty, both Pilate and Herod find Jesus innocent. How is Jesus treated by the Jews, and the Roman officials in this process?

Read John 18:31-32

Why do the Sanhedrin take Jesus to Pilate? What is their desired outcome?


Like the Jewish rulers in the previous chapter, King Herod had a particular view of Jesus.  He saw him as anothercourt amusement who should perform on demand. 

We can also fall into the trap of viewing Jesus this way.  Our actions and prayers can be motivated by the rate of return of what we can get from God.

When do we treat Jesus more like a genie that serves us, rather then as the king who is worthy of our obedience?


·         That God would reveal our wrong motivationsand humble us accordingly

·         To serve Jesus and not to use God in order to serve ourselves

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