Week 9: Day 2

Read: Luke 22:66-71


Jesus is brought before the Jewish elders and forced to answer their questions. 

They encouraged Jesus to incriminate himself by telling them that he was the messiah. How do Jesus’ responses reveal the motives of the assembly?

Read Daniel 7:13-14 and Psalm 110

Jesus describes himself as the Son of Man who will eventually be at God’s right hand. Why do the Sanhedrin accuse Jesus of blasphemy for this claim? What does this say about how they view Jesus? 


Our view of Jesus will determine the level of trust we place in him.  If we see Jesus as just another crackpot prophet vying for attention, then the significance of his life and workwillbe watered down and put aside.  But if we view Jesus as the Son of Man who will be worshippedby the nations then the obvious response will be to trust and obey. 

How do you view Jesus?  Does your view of Jesus need recalibration? 

Read Colossians 1:15 - 23


·         For those who are not yet Christians to accept the truth they hear about Jesus

·         For Christians to be bold in defending the truth of Jesus as God and king of the world.

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