Week 8: Day 4

Read: Luke 22:54-62


Jesus’ prediction to Peter in verse 34 comes to pass in this passage. In the safety of a house,  Peter claims he would go to prison and even die with Jesus. How does he act when he is actually tested?

Jesus knew this would happen and did not rebuke Peter. He instead prayed that Peter’s faith would not fail and that he would strengthen his brothers.

Peter doesn’t even realise what he is doing at the time. How does Peter react when he finally realises what he has done?


Peter had unique access to Jesus and his ministry.  He had seen miracles, heard Jesus’ teaching and even professed to believe that Jesus was the messiah (Luke 9:20). However, Peter fell into sin. Sin is a painful reality for all of us and we should take Peter’s example of sadness at sin as a model of repentance.

Are there things in your life you need to repent of before God?

Denying Jesus was the easy way out of difficult situation for Peter. Like Peter, we so often want to take the easy road ourselves.

Are there times when you have denied Jesus  because it is just easier?


·         Thank God that his grace allows us to be imperfect but still be in relationship with him

·         Confess your sin to God, pray for forgiveness and ask him to give you the strength to resist future temptations.

·         Pray that God would give you the courage to proclaim his name at all times and not take the easy way out.

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