Week 8: Day 2

Read: Luke 22:39-46


Jesus’ prayer to the father in verse 42 is a powerful example of his trust in the Father. What does he ask for?

 Whose will does Jesus ultimately submit to?

 The disciples are ‘exhausted from sorrow’ but Jesus still asks them to pray. What are they told to pray for? Why do you think Jesus is asking them to pray this? 


What is the contrast between the prayer lives of Jesus and the disciples in this passage? 

Often we can be like the disciples, feeling too busy or tired to pray.

Can you remember a time that you have felt like this? Did you pray?

Jesus’ solution to temptation is to pray. He also displays the attitude of submitting to the Father’s will even in something that will cause him pain.

Do prayer and submission go hand-in-hand for you? Do you accept that he knows what is best for you?


·         Thank God that he did send his son, who was willing to die to rescue us from our sin.

·         Thank God for his sovereign rule over the world and pray that his will is done in your life.

·         Pray that God would lead you away from temptation and towards his love.

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