Week 8: Day 1

Read: Luke 22:31-38


Verses 31 and 32 tell us that Satan is working behind the scenes in the apostles’ lives.  Knowing this, Jesus specifically prays for Peter. What is this prayer for?

How does Peter react to being told that he will deny his master?

Even though Jesus knew Peter would deny him, he still chose him as a disciple.

Read Acts 2:14-21

We read about Peter’s unique ministry in Acts despite his denial of Jesus. How does this show God’s grace?

How does God work and who does he use?


Peter doesn’t believe he could fail and dismisses Jesus’ warnings. He felt strong enough to stand against Satan alone. 

Do you think you are stronger than you actually are? Have you dismissed Jesus’ and other’s warnings about sin?

As Jesus chose Peter, we have also been chosen. This doesn’t mean we are perfect and despite this imperfection,  God has still chosen to work through us.

How can you work for the glory of God today?


·         Thank God for his grace that allows us to repent and continue to live in relationship with him even though we are so often sinful.

·         Pray for God’s help in fighting sin and be confident that you don’t stand alone. 

·         Pray that God would use you for his work this week and that he would give you the courage to complete what He has asked you to do.

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