Week 3: Day 4

Read:1 Samuel 7:2b-17


What actions do the Israelites take as they ‘turn to the Lord’?  How would you describe them? 

How did these actions show devotion to the Lord? 

The pesky Philistines attack the Israelites again (see 1 Samuel 4) but this time there is a very different outcome.  What do you think the main difference is?


In verse 12 Samuel sets up a memorial to remind the Israelites that ‘Thus far the Lord has helped us.’  This was to serve as a reminder of the past but also an encouragement for the future.  God’s love and mercy is an ongoing reality. 

Similarly, Jesus prescribed a memorial we know as the Lord’s supper. 

Read 1 Corinthians 11:23-26

The Lord’s supper reminds us of a broken body and spilt blood offered as the perfect sacrifice for an imperfect people.  When we take it we are to remember God’s love for us and be encouraged that this will continue into eternity. 


·         Thank God for Jesus, who freely offered himself as a perfect sacrifice for our sins

·         Ask God to show you areas and idols that you need to ‘put away’ in your life

·         Take a little bit of extra time to reflect on Jesus’s life and death the next time you take the Lord’s supper

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