Week 3: Day 3

Read:1 Samuel 6–7:2a


 This passage is another uncomfortable story of God’s judgment upon those who do not recognise him as a holy God.   

How would you describe the instructions given by the Philistine priests and diviners?  How would you describe their view of God? 

Why did the people of Beth Shemesh perish? 


 There is a common misconception that there are two gods in the bible: a judgmental and egregious Old Testament god vs a loving and gracious New Testament god.  This, of course, is a heresy. God is the same today as he was in the OT and NT and will be forever.  This should both give us confidence in who he is and remind us who we are before him.   

Read 1 Timothy 6:15b-116, James 1:17


·         Praise God for His unchanging and consistent nature

·         Thanks God for Jesus who has made relationship with a holy god possible through His life, death and resurrection

·         Take some time to confess your sins to God remembering that God is eternally holy and merciful

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