Week 6: Day 3

Read: Isaiah 52:13- 53:12


Isaiah 52:13-15 serves as an introduction and summary of this section. We are introduced to the figure of the servant. From these three verses, what shape will the career of the servant take?

In what ways does the servant suffer in chapter 53? Who does the servant suffer for? How would you describe the servant’s attitude in suffering?

The servant eventually succumbs to death in verse 8-9. There is no explicit mention of resurrection in the following verses, but what hints of resurrection themes are given?


The servant is exalted as a result of his suffering. How does this contrast with successful figures throughout history and in our world today? How is the wisdom of God different to human wisdom?

We have seen in our preaching series on Samuel that God operates in a surprising way in his world – by bringing down the proud and raising up the humble. Here we see the same pattern exemplified by the suffering servant. What temptations do you face in your own life to pursue success and glory now, rather than in the life to come?


Praise God that he works through the weak things of this world to bring about praise and glory in the life to come.

Pray that in your own life you might follow the same pattern of willingness to lay aside rights now, and would be confident in God’s redemption.

Providence City