Week 6: Day 1

Read: Psalm 22


What do David’s circumstances appear to be during the first half of the psalm? How is he feeling about his circumstances? How is he feeling about God? What kind of psalm is this?

What truths about God does David bring to mind in verses 3-5 and 9-10? What specific events could he be referring to?

How does the tone of the Psalm change from verse 22?


The psalmist wrestles with the feeling and reality that God has not yet acted to deliver him from his present suffering. When have you questioned God’s action or inaction in your own circumstances?

The psalmist interjects his own lament with recollections of God’s faithfulness to him and his community in the past. Where have you seen God’s faithfulness to God’s people or you in the past?

How does this Psalm give us a model of suffering in a way that is faithful to God?


Praise God for instances where you have seen him faithfully at work in your own life, or in the lives of others.

Pray that God would deliver you or others you know from oppressive or difficult circumstances. Ask God to keep you returning to him in the midst of suffering.

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